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80% Human Creativity, 20% AI Wonkiness.

Nominated for:
  • Outstanding Horror/Thriller Narrative Fiction Podcast
  • Best Editing
  • Best Original Score (Julyian Ray Matsuura)

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Tanuki Buttons: A Bonus Episode from Uncanny Japan (Not AI)

Have you ever seen those dogs on Instagram that communicate by pressing buttons that play recorded words? In April 2021, Terrie tamed a wild tanuki, brought it home, and taught it to communicate with buttons. Then things took a turn for the worse.
Tanuki on sofa

Asteroid Annie and the Mushiblooms

Asteroid Annie, the all-time greatest intergalactic super-heroine, faces off against the Mushiblooms' villainous leader Hutt Poppa. Will she be able to save the alternate universe?
Asteroid Annie Uncanny Robot Podcast

A Spotify/Parcast True Crime Parody: Peppers and the Screaming Yoof

One of the most bizarre and gruesome murders ever to take place in the continental United States occurred on April 1, 1969. Two couples were on a road trip when bad weather forced them to make an unscheduled stop. Their lives were forever changed.
Zombies going to a rave

Asteroid Arnie and the Mushiblooms

The Stinky Lollies are out to exterminate the Mushiblooms. Can Asteroid Arnie and Princess Moom-a-Roof save them from certain death?

Valentine’s Day Episode Commentary

Terrie and Rich discuss the Valentine's Day Episode. Please listen to Episode 3 before listening to this one!
Thersa Matsuura and Rich Pav AI Art
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About The Uncanny Robot Podcast

Humorous and surreal short stories and audio dramas read and performed by humans. Our stories aren't nonsensical gibberish as some might assume. We combine our storytelling skills with AI-conceived concepts to create tales with a story arc, fully-developed characters and satisfying endings. We feature human voice actors, not computer generated voices.

Written and performed by Bram Stoker Award Finalist and Clarion West 2015 Graduate Thersa Matsuura and audio engineer Rich Pav.

© Copyright 2024 Uncanny Productions
  • "Did I think I wanted to hear AI generated text read by humans? No...but I was wrong. I was entertained, humored, and maybe even a bit delighted."
  • "My new favorite podcast! I really hope it gets some attention. Some of the stories are so hilarious."
  • "I'm listening to the episode on Elvis at work right now and I'm literally falling over laughing! This is priceless! I have no idea how you are reading this with a serious voice."
  • "If you’re not listening & subscribed to Uncanny Robot, you should be. One of the most clever, entertaining podcasts to come along in a long time."
  • "My brother's response after listening to 'Elvis Lives' was "What on earth did I just listen to?" and then "...are there more like this?"
    Dusty Tuna
  • "When I first listened I didn't think I would like it. But I've grown to love the Asteroid Arnie/Annie stories. They are so funny and totally surreal. I was laughing out loud."
  • "An innovative and unique use of AI as art—reveals in turn the very not-human aspects of Artificial Intelligence, and the surprisingly or accidentally human aspects; the stories are oddly compelling, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes hilarious, sometimes just weird— uncanny, I suppose— it’s very enjoyable, and fascinating."
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